the other day,  i dropped everything else and did brunch. 🙂 they have an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at the verona garden each day of the week, from 12 to after 15 (the ending depends on how fast the food is gone). as it was the weekend and we pedaled there quite early, i’d call mine a brunch and i’d also call it unexpectedly great brunch in a chilled green bucharest garden.

in case you don’t know the verona garden yet, it’s that big place behind the carturesti book store on the magheru avenue. they welcome you with your laptops, bicycles, kids and dogs. they have many kinds of very popular lemonades with various flavors as well as a menu that will certainly please any demanding client. also, a couple of hammocks in the back.

the other day, we had to pick and choose from the following dishes:

* clear chicken breast soup with home made tagliatelli

* roasted chicken with garlic sauce

* beef and mushrooms in brown sauce

* agnolotti (semi-circular meat-filled pasta) with tomato sauce

* sauteed carrots

* basmati rice

* polenta

* coleslaw

* assorted lettuce salad

* fresh fruit (watermelon, melon and white grapes)

* several types of bread

* chewing gum (a nice and necessary touch, given the garlic sauce)

all this for the flat rate of 20 ron (aprox. 5 euro). i think it’s an amazing deal and i intend to make brunches of it during the weekends. if you decide to come, i’ll be in one of the hammocks in the back…

photo credits: my bf