casa batllo is one of the many building antonio gaudi left behind in his home city of barcelona. it’s beautiful inside and out and a treasure of original solutions.

casa batllo

you can visit the house 365 days a year for the full price of 21.5 euro. it has a super central location, on passeig de gracia.

casa batllo 1 casa batllo 2 casa batllo 3 casa batllo 4 batllo 5 batllo 6 batllo 7 batllo 8 batllo 9batllo 10

i found the price a bit steep but it was my fourth time in barcelona. so i thought it was time.

also known as casa dels ossos (the house of bones), the place is full of gaudi’s signature organic-inspired details. i liked those a lot and i took the time to observe them. but i loved the blue-tiled atrium the best! there’s nothing like it, right?

batlo13 batllo12 batllo14batllo15batllo 20 batllo 16 batllo 17 batllo 18 batllo 19

the building is stunning and it photographs beautifully. it’s full of interesting details so take your time discovering them all.

almost the entire place is available for visiting, except for a few rooms reserved for offices. my recommended route would be for you to take the elevator all the way up, climb a few stairs to the rooftop and then enjoy the floors one by one while climbing down.

batllo 21 batllo 22 batllo 23 batllo 24 batllo 25 batllo 26 batllo 27 batllo 28 batllo 29 batllo 30 batllo 31 batllo 32

i like the facade as well. i took a few pictures after i went out. but the best one is the one i took when i passed by again, in the late afternoon. i don’t know if you can tell, but the balconies look like skulls!

batllo 33 batllo 34batllo 35

i enjoyed the casa batllo and i would recommend that you visit it the next time you’re in town!

photo credits: little aesthete