her label sent me some of her stuff to let them know if I see her as a good match for the european market in general and for the berlin market in particular.

catnapp was established in 2009 by its single member, ampi bardo, who acts as its unique producer and performer. she released her first lp, catterpillar, independently. nowadays, she’s busy performing, featuring on other people’s tracks and releasing her second lp, bardo, via blacksideinc.

i see her as being heavily indebted to other kiddie white female rappers such as lady sovereign and perhaps even yolandi visser and uffie but, unlike them, she still has to find her footing and that special feature to make her stand out. her beats are engaging (especially clipper and tight) and she seems to have what it takes to become an interesting performer. mucha suerte! i’ll be watching you!

click here to check out her purr on soundcloud. a few more here.

ps 1: i wonder if her name has more to do with catnap or catnip?

later edit: it’s 4 am in argentina, but ampi got on the chat and set the record straight: it comes from cat nap. and then, coincidentally, i helped her source catnip online for her cat…

ps 2: i need your feedback on this one. you like?