i have always wished to be able to buy art. i mean, i totally see myself living in a home full of art.

aitch painting 9

i would love to have a house with high ceilings that could accommodate medium sized sculptures and paintings. i would install neon pieces in the hallways, water installations on the balcony and big sculptures out in the yard.

unfortunately, my apartment is regular sized. my 100 sqm place is huge by japanese standards but only average by european standards. my ceilings are unfortunately not that high. also, i’m pretty broke. lol!

until recently, my only art was a big stencil piece in my bedroom – lots of stag beetles scurrying on two walls (you get a glimpse of it in the first picture). also, i have smaller pieces that i never hang. i always only lean them against the walls.

but, about a week ago, i found out that aitch and saddo are moving abroad. one of the steps of the move is an everything-must-go sale of prints and paintings. there’s even a skateboard with bells on. and it’s still available!

i liked several pieces but i loved the biggest piece on sale. unfortunately, it was sold to somebody else. but aitch was kind enough to offer me a consolation prize for having missed the initial piece: a special commission. she did a similar piece just for me.

aitch painting 1aitch painting 3 aitch painting 2

she sent me the picture online as soon as the painting was complete. i was very excited to see it and see that she had featured a stag beetle. i had meant to tell her to but i felt like it was not my place to intrude in the process. nevertheless, the cool azulejos-inspired painting has my favourite antler bug among other animals and birds! aitch painting 12aitch painting 5aitch painting 6

and now, undressed of its temporary foil dress, the bewitching painting is in my living room. i plan to have somebody drill a few holes for hanging it. it’ll look great. i am very excited… sigh!

aitch painting 11 aitch painting 7 aitch painting 10

now tell me: can a piece get more aitch than this?

anyhow, since you have been hopefully intoxicated by my enthusiasm already, you can do two things.

first, if you are in bucharest this weekend, you can go to lente, have lunch/dinner/drinks and hang out with saddo and aitch. they are each doing a wall so you can enjoy their presence, art and you can see how the magic happens.

and second, the sale is still on! you can get one of their pieces of this farewell sale. it’s your last chance since the artists will start calling lisbon their base city soon.

aitch painting 4 aitch painting 13aitch painting 14

i’ve been meaning to not include this last picture as my feet are in the way but i like how the red sets off the blue and white in the painting. also, it’s clear proof of my mad pedi skills. blush!

aitch painting 8

back on topic, i am super happy! what else can i say but: support your local artists!

photo credits: little aesthete