I know you guys always dreamed of being the godparents of of a jazz baby. now you have the opportunity: Iordache is pregnant (hehe! i’m visualizing) and needs our help. contribute with 10 E+tax to the creation of his new album and you will get an autographed copy of the result. if you give 50 E+tax, you also get your name on the sleeve. if you decide to part ways with a 100 E+tax, not only will your name be on the sleeve of the free autographed copy you’re getting but you also be invited to the launch party (with a friend, of course).

If he doesn’t manage to raise the necessary amount (about 2,000 E) he’ll return the money. If he raises enough, he’ll let us know so we don’t send too much and bury him in cash.

The baby is due in March 2011.

Raise your plastic…NOW!