a while ago, chris cunningham completely hypnotized the world with his amazing work and then he completely went under the radar. what happened? i was smitten with his sick style and very much looking forward for more of his work. his capabilities are extraordinary and his technique mind-blowing.

his first hit was aphex twin’s come to daddy – a true classic that set a visual benchmark.

then came bjork’s song about omnipresent love. how does one illustrate that? well, he took the cryptic brief bjork gave him and translated it into something no one had ever seen before but still felt relatable. easier said than down, admittedly. what about cloning bjork and having the two resulting robots share the aforementioned feeling? read full details here – i cannot possibly describe the goose-bump rash you’ll get when watching the video so just click play.

for more insight, here’s the making of.

anton corbjin interviews chris here (the link between the two is probably the work they both did with warp records)

then, he came back with the eerie windowlicker.

madonna wanted a piece of the boy genius for herself so he gave her frozen.

his video installation flex.

lately, he’s been touring with an act called chris cunningham live which is a combination of original music and film.

he put the johnny rubber spin on grace jones for a disturbing dazed&confused shoot they did together.

he was supposedly working on turning william gibson’s novel neuromancer into a full-length film, but the author confirmed that the production fell through.  

i still hope he’ll be back soon…

photo credits: google search

video credits: youtube