cinque terre in 40 pictures is a long day spent hopping from one village to the next on the beautiful coast of the ligurian sea.

cinque terre in 40 pictures

we stayed in spezia. we parked the car and left our luggage there. the airbnb was close to the train station where we got a day pass for cinque terre. it’s a convenient hop-on, hop-off train pass.

we got off on the first stop: riomaggiore. a good idea would have been to walk on the foot paths along the coast between the villages. but 1. it was scorching hot and 2. parts of the paths were closed because they needed repairs so we just used the train. we didn’t waste so much time but even so, remember: a day is barely enough to get an idea about this unesco site.  cinque terre in 40 pictures 1cinque terre in 40 pictures 2cinque terre in 40 pictures 3cinque terre in 40 pictures 4cinque terre in 40 pictures 5cinque terre in 40 pictures 6cinque terre in 40 pictures 7cinque terre in 40 pictures 8cinque terre in 40 pictures 9

next stop, manarola. this is where we spent most time, since it’s where we took a bath and had lunch.


this is a wild swimming spot. people just jump in and take advantage of the clear ligurian sea. and we did the same. i cannot start to explain how good it was…


we had lunch at nessun dorma. the food was great, the service was swift and the views were unbelievable. and the bill was more than reasonable. do not miss this place if you are in town!


we stopped in corniglia too but it was so hot and so crowded that we decided against walking in the sun for too long.

so this is vernazza, the following village and my second favourite after manarola.


last, but not least, monterosso, the biggest of the five, with long beaches, private or public.


cinque terre was beautiful but very crowded. more crowded than any other place we visited in italy, rome included. in the future, they plan to limit the number of daily visitors and that’s a great idea.

stay tuned for more posts!

photo credits: little aesthete