it was an amazing, fire-starting, 9 songs only concert and i have a perma smile on my face!  her intensity and sincerity effortlessly electrified the crowd! she is not afraid and has all she needs to make it: people naturally follow her, a great kid with talent and insight. no matter what she will choose to do, she will be fine. and we will all be watching!!

before the show, coco was kind enough to give me a mini-interview:

how is touring treating you?

we’ve just finished the uk tour, which took about two weeks. it’s great. not tiresome, we get great energy from the audience each night.

what are you currently listening to?

trentemoller and fleetwood mac.

when is the album coming out?

the album was supposed to come out on november 1st but it was pushed to the 25th.

what are your plans for when the tour is over?

after the european tour ends, in the beginning of december, I’m gonna go to thailand, for the holidays.

favourite fruit: i don’t like fruit, i never eat it.

favourite city: newcastle

favourite band: it’s a hard one. nine inch nails

favourite book: steppenwolf by herman hesse

tell me a bit about the music writing process.

i do everything. the music and the lyrics.

who else helped apart from robyn?

soft focus. i did a song with him and he did a remix for me.

dream collaboration?


thank you, coco!

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credits: lilaesthete