you know how i love my colors :). the current issue deals with the fact that, soon enough, fossil fuel will be gone and we’ll have to take fred flingstone’s car out of storage. below, i list some of its highlights:

– a kenyan built a ship out of garbage and called it century. can you guess why?

– in 2000, china had 5 million cars and nowadays it has 80 million!!! one chinese man built his own solar energy powered car and another one built a small army of 50 robots (some pull rickshaws, some are just walking exercises and at least one is able to light up your cigarettes for you – and then say: smoking is bad for your health!)

– have you ever dreamt of being whisked away by a cluster of colorful balloons? well…click here!

arco – the aeronautics and cosmonautics romanian association wants to win the google lunar x prize by landing a robot on the moon by using a huge helium balloon all the way to the end of the atmosphere and then launch an orbital rocket. no date is set yet but still: fingers crossed!

diy transport. could this be one of the solutions to escaping the money-hungry tyranny of the automotive industry as well as fossil-fuel reliance? the alternatives may not be hot and they may not be fast, but your planet will be thankful for your considerably decreased carbon footprint!

i have never wanted a car. still, i’m fascinated to discover this parallel world of diy transport and especially the crafty rebels behind the concept. i understand why diy vehicles are banned: they’re most probably unsafe – both for the drivers as well as for the rest of us, but i hate the way vehicle manufacturers increase their monopoly: they make it more and more difficult for people to mend their own cars so they manage to make an extra shitload of money from service and parts. good business…but how fair is it? engines are sealed in metal pods, beyond reach. they will say it’s for everybody’s safety but one cannot ignore the fact that this only brings more money into their accounts.

so, my new heroes spent their resources making their own cars, hybrids, submarines, airplanes, taxi bicycles, tractors and …wait for it! a personal subway line! i have a lot of respect for these dreamers taking matters into their own two crafty hands!

colors also taught me that there are at least a couple of alternatives to fossil fuel:

there’s chip fat (used cooking oil), peanuts, hemp, used coffee and even shit (apparently sweden uses this fuel that gives odorless exhaust fumes) and …human fat (there was a plastic surgeon from columbia who apparently boasted to have used the flab sucked out of his patients to run his two cars…)

the future seems to belong to the people who think for themselves. so give up your subliminally force-fed ideals of fat lcd screens and of the latest model of everything (most probably, you don’t even afford those), take up diy and get yourself a membership to your local junk yard: be self reliant and your children will thank you!