the other day, i took my bicycle out and pedaled for almost an entire day. besides parks, my two destinations were the hokusai show (totally worth it, it’s still going until september the 4th so go see it!) and mnac, by default, as i know they keep on changing shows and you never know what great things you may find there.

and, beside the still-going-strong comics museum,  i found nicolae comanescu with berceni, a great solo show on the 2nd floor. he’s great and the show is totally worth a trip. it’s there until august the 31st so hurry! if you think you can be satisfied with a 360 virtual tour, click here!

pixels, as it’s a shameful building

in the back, there is a room with the dust paintings (yes, he collected dust and used it to paint a sepia coloured series).

dust is not the only alternative he uses to actual paint; the technical details of the paintings will reveal ashes, mustard powder, brick powder, mud, etc. not only does he indicate the various alternative materials but we can also read where exactly he gathered them from. in case you make it to the show, take the program, it’s fascinating!