i couldn’t find the january vogue uk issue in the airport (i admit, it was way too early, but i had already gone through the december issue) so i decided to get its sister publication, conde nast traveller.


it was full of fabulous pictures and alluring far off places, but i know i am not exactly their target audience: i do my own traveling, with little intervention from tourist services of any kind. still, i thought it would be interesting to get an idea of what the luxury travel segment is currently all about.

i’d say that the main trend is custom-made vacations in exotic locations: most of the ads and articles in the magazine advertise for such services.

i read an interesting article about the aurora borealis, how apparently 2012 is a better time for catching this elusive natural phenomenon and about a few vantage points with hotels attached.

as expected, nothing travel-related is left behind: airport spas, ultra-high end services, exquisite food (think, among others, emerging chocolate artisan scene in tuscany), new hotels, the hot spots (brussels, the seychelles, melbourne, miami, etc), seasonal goodies – a selection of the best european christmas fairs and many, many others.

as a final observation: india is buying a whole lot of advertising space in order to secure a top spot as a travel destination. i believe it’s a smart move – what country doesn’t need foreigners spending?

for endless more info on cool traveling, check out the online content. it’s worth your time!