ctrl was kind enough to invite me to their event, control day out, at arenele romane, this saturday.
i was told the price tag on this whole party is 100k so it’s gotta be good! the line up is head-lined by ian brown and includes james lavelle’s new project, unkle sounds and locals suie paparude (with visuals by corruptdream). afterwards, dj sets by justin vandervolgen and bogman.
adidas is in on this one as you very well know the king monkey himself is one of the adidas originals ambassadors.
so people! put on your gazelles and see you there! yeah, i know the summer is over and everybody is going to be there but we’ll manage somehow, i’m sure.
ps: if you go to ctrl on friday evening, you’ll get justin vandervolgen and bogman. free entry, you just need to know the password. the password is: i’m looking for mr. brown. no, i’m not kidding. if you keep your bracelets and go to ctrl on sunday evening, you’ll get a free shot and an after party with related mancunian sounds.