if you have lived in romania in the last couple of years, you couldn’t have possibly missed her busy-bee drive in turning herself into a star. she read the big book of how to become internationally relevant and follows it thoroughly: sustained efforts, amazing, rotating collaborations, product placement in videos (i will only mention the very cool andreea badala corrosive tees in her latest video), an updated and very interesting look that shows a penchant for margiela and for the cream of the crop concept stores. here you have her latest undertakings (which, perhaps last but certainly not least, include motherhood):

you are very progressive: great, updated website, a lot of activity on facebook, twitter, teasers before releasing the actual videos, etc. i imagine you’re also a little gadget freak.

yeah. it’s important to communicate with the people listening to my music and who follow my public appearances. we no longer live in times when the star is placed on a pedestal, admired from a distance. i’m glad it’s this way. i can be myself, in a direct relation with my fans. whatever i have to say, my music, everything i’m doing reaches them faster. it’s a very personal connection. almost one on one, with each and every one. wow, freak gadget! not really! i never part with my ipod where i downloaded my favourite music, the audio books i’m listening to while i’m driving. i also have an iphone to check my emails, i go online whenever i need info, i log on to facebook for updates and i have my photo gallery with robin (corina’s 3 year-old boy).
what are the latest toys you use?
toys? robin’s toys. especially plasticine. we make all sorts of figurines together. ice-cream we pretend to eat; balloons we pretend to use for flying above the city. and we also make moustaches: charlie chaplin, hungarian, tatar, cowboy. we laugh and take pictures of ourselves. superfun.

what is currently in heavy rotation on your ipod?
well… ok. are you ready? beth ditto/i wrote the book; kanye west ft. rihanna, kid cudi/all of the lights; jessie j/price tag ft. b.o.b, rihanna/s&m; robyn/indestructible, m.i.a/xxxo; francoise hardy/tous les garcons; mina/taratata; madonna/an older album: i’m breathless; i blame coco/the constant.

what are your favourite destinations?
i love spending time on the beach, a book in hand, listening to music on my ipod, swim in the water and watch people. so, my favourite destination is wherever there’s a beach and water.

which is the city you could move to definitively?
london as it is hectic, cultural, aristocratic. france because it’s a bit snobbish, madrid for the arhitecture, the food and the relaxed atmosphere during the day and for the night vibe.

favourite book?
i’m excited by marjane satrapi’s graphic novels.

favourite band?
the gossip.

dream collaboration?
wow! hard to choose. i’d like to work with rihanna, but also with robyn. i’d pose naked for a featuring with steed lord 🙂 and I’d bungee jump to collaborate with swedish house mafia :). i’ll stop here. although the full list probably includes 100 or 200 more artists i dream to work with.

how do you plan to get in shape for the dancing marathon ahead? (corina is one of the contestants in the local version of dancing with the stars)
i go to the gym: 2 hours every day and i also have training for dwts for 3-4 more hours. but i have problems with being nervous. i’m afraid of that, it’ll really impede me giving my best. i still have to work on that one.

people know you as a fearless dresser. can you share a few of your secrets?
of course. it’s the area where i feel most inspired, most creative. i love putting together characters, an image to show the world. i am my own exterior designer. on a daily basis. for concerts, editorials and videos i work with professionals.

you have the uncanny quality of picking the best people to work with. how do you track them down?
i choose them and they choose me. 🙂 life brings you the people you start spending time with and build things. i think serendipity is the word that defines my life, the choices made by the people i work with. generally, it’s word to mouth. great people, with vision and common interests, find each other and are friends.

what are your interests?
nowadays? dance a lot. as much as possible. i must’ve been a famous dancer in a former lifetime.
what inspires you?
joy, expressed sincerely, spontaneously. the wellbeing of the people around me.

your favourite quote?
it’s the name of a song, not a quote: touching and caring (nina simone). this is what life is all about.
your favourite dish?
rasasfur and tabouleh. lately, i’ve been into lebanese food.

do you have any secret talents?
i really don’t know. let me think…i think dancing would be the talent that has been pretty much a secret for me so far. i have no secret about that. not one that i know about.

whose style do you admire?
presently, i’m very interested in pin-ups and burlesque artists. so i admire them for their perfection, stylishness and femininity. peggy rose lee was fantastic like that.

how does your work inform your everyday style? and viceversa?
how? everything i wear in public i also wear in my everyday life. i’m lucky that i’m not a glam rock singer. can you imagine me on the street with sequined jumpsuits, backcombed hairdos and lots of make up? what you see is what you get. i’m not different than the person you see in videos or on stage.

what is your current favourite outfit?
the straw margiela cape, an andreea badala tee, leather leggings, pony print shoes.

bucharest is slowly becoming a cool place. what are your favourite places?
rue du pain for breakfast during the weekends, casa di david, aquarium, chez tony’s for lunch and dinner. carturesti for inspiration, relaxation and good tea. parcul ioanid and old town for a stroll.

thank you very much, corina! best of luck with the dancing thing. we’re keeping our fingers crossed!