i’m still in hamburg and it’s as windy and rainy and cool as expected. i’m working full time, so i have little time for sightseeing or anything else, but, while walking across the center one evening, in the shopping area, i found the cos store!

cos is h&m, but better. owned by the same mother company, cos has better quality and higher prices. the first cos store opened in london, in 2007, and there’s only a handful of others in europe.

one can expect a clean cut, modern wardrobe, an in-house magazine, connections with the creative sector, subtle campaigns. an overall modern, monochromatic look. for girls, wishlist coats, a surprising underwear range, and an accessory line i’ve got my eyes on. also, plenty of stuff for stylish guys and a very interesting children’s collection.

you can buy online, cos is already in the christmas spirit: shipping is free for any order that exceeds 100 euro (valid until the end of december, just use the lovefromcos at the check out). enjoy!