5 years after the opening of the first store, cos magazine launched its no. 10 called the outside issue.

what can one read in it? as usual, here are my highlights, which are actually pretty much everything as they really know what they’re doing.

* a series of 5 bouquets by maarten baas, frank bruggeman, abake, faye toogood and scholten&baijings.

beside advertising for its own collection, styled as minimally as expected, the magazine has a few very interesting and original interviews.

* nenah cherry is talking about her comeback, about her gratitude for stockholm having welcomed her family, about having a musical family project, cirkus, etc. an interesting read!

* you might know architect ole scheeren‘s work. the best example is his collaboration with rem koolhaas, the cctv building. he lives in beijing, has his own company and is currently working on angkasa raya, a 268m tower in kuala lumpur.

* an amazing interview with annette muller, a girl who used to have an internet-related job but who’s now beekeeping. in berlin. this is so inspiring – she speak of bees so warmly and she made me very curious about tasting fresh honey – apparently it’s amazing!

* artist gillian wearing, whom you probably know because of her ’92 – ’93 series called signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that say what someone else wants you to say, speaks about several topics, probably most importantly about her next artistic undertaking.

* the final material is about how the building of one of the actual cos stores in paris used to be hammam  saint paul. i like it that they shared the story.

fortunately, cos is nice enough to share most of the content online so you can check it out here!

and i’ll post a pic of the full list of cos stores world-wide because: 1.my girlfriends always ask me where i found one, 2. cos does not ship to romania and 3. their online store list is incomplete. you’re welcome!

i loved the content and the visuals. i’ll definitely follow it!

photo credits: cosstores.com, lilaesthete