i’m having a huge crush on this gorgeous pair of haider ackermann boots!

i crush quite often. my general policy is to live out the crush. i don’t ignore it. that never seems to work. hmm!

cutting to the chase: you know about sale season starting in january, right? i don’t set any alerts for the new discounted prices for the products i like. because i am in this phase when i don’t think getting more stuff will make me happier.

but i did get a newsletter from park, one of my favourite shops. it’s in vienna and it has a great selection of understated designers pieces.

now tell me! how perfect are these boots? they are available in shiny patent and matte leather. i prefer the latter!

haider ackermann boots

not that i would ever consider paying even the discounted price. come on, that’s a return ticket to japan and then some!

but i like to dream of owning this pair. the heel is high but the proportion is beautiful. i could totally come up with cool outfits featuring these.

so i let it all out. and i will now file these under dream stuff. case closed! lol!

am i the only one with such (non)problems?

photo credits: park