danny choo is a mogul! i’m not kidding. and whoever aims to be a mogul in the near future should be taking lessons from this guy! his ever growing empire includes…pretty much everything: new and traditional media, speeches given at conferences around the world, a wide range of related products and so on. he’s just released a line of products trying to change the way people are learning japanese!

born in 1972 in london, uk, danny choo graduated london university’s school of oriental and african studies and moved to tokyo in 1999. click here for a very detailed resume and here for a very loooong  but impressive account of his life.

a former website manager for amazon japan and product manager at microsoft, danny currently disseminates his findings via his own website as well as by guest blogging for boing boing. he is also super active on all social media channels, in several languages (english, french, chinese, japanese and spanish). i told you he was set to take over the world!

while researching my last trip to japan, i came across his highly visual web-site. there were lots of different pictures, most of them including a tiny figurine girl (hatsune miku not mirai suenaga, the mascot especially designed for the website – check out her merchandise: she even has her own brand of curry beside the obligatory cosplay uniforms and printed bed sheets).

i bookmarked it only to later find out that otaku encyclopedia cites dannychoo.com as one of the most trusted english language sources for up-to-date information on japanese pop culture. the website is practically infinite! plenty of content in all formats: text, pictures, audio and video. this guy really knows how to keep people coming back for more and capitalize on the whole otaku thing!

note: i love the special features that allows readers to comment right on the pictures!

for some reason, danny likes cosplaying as a storm trooper and filming himself while dancing in the streets of cities around the world. apparently, as a consequence, lucas films sent him a message thanking him for making their personnel giggle. lol!

give his website a go! it’s fascinating, even if you’re not an otaku!

credits: danny choo