i arrived in sapporo station at 6 am. i was still asleep but excitement got the best of me. i had talked to my host to meet up at a metro station next to his place, later on, so i first visited nijo, the tiny fish market. hairy crab was in season. yummy!

after dropping off roxy, my troller, at my host’s (blair) place, i visited a couple of museums and an art park. later, i had yummy yakitori dinner with blair.

i quickly found out that, in japan, you get free stuff all the time:

1st: they’ll give you tissue packs with a tiny ad on the back (i especially liked the black ones!).

2nd: you’ll get samples of shampoo, deodorant, face cream, etc, and they’re soooo useful when you’re travelling light, like i am

3rd: if you ever visit the food courts of the department stores, you will have the opportunity to sample japanese food, from eggs preserved in soya sauce to deep fried crabs to single-portion pots of mango pudding, bowls of instant ramen, ground coffee or been sweets. it’s a great way of finding out what you like or hate.

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photo credits: little aesthete