day 4 – gruyeres and morat comes a little later than the rest of the posts in the same series. but that’s the life of an amateur blogger: my day job always has priority!
day 4 - gruyeres and morat

when i was planning the trip to switzerland, i made a list of things i wanted to do. and then, i also had a list of things i really wanted to do. and going to gruyeres to see the giger museum and the giger bar was on top of that list!

we organized a day trip and we arrived in gruyeres at noon, on a beautiful saturday. this medieval town is best known around the world because of its flavoursome cheese.
day 4 - gruyeres and morat 1day 4 - gruyeres and morat 2

the scenery is beautiful and the little town picturesque and welcoming.

but i had come with one goal so i went straight to my destination. i found the museum right across the street from the small but out-of-this-world giger bar. we went in for a drink but, more importantly, to find all the cool details and take pictures of them. the unbelievable well-fused organic and mechanic elements of gigerland are present all around you: nothing was left to chance. click here for more details regarding some of the pieces of furniture.

this is a birth machine baby, probably in bronze. across the street, you can see the window of the bar.

day 4 - gruyeres and morat 3

these are unvelievable harkonnen chairs. i couldn’t find a place for them in my apartment, but i can see them in some bad ass mansion made of steel and glass. there are several models and the price ranges from 15,000 to 50,000 usd. my favourites are the harkonnen capo chairs (not featured here), with the triple skull and the trademark organic motifs. sigh…

day 4 - gruyeres and morat 5

the arching spines are definitory for the bar.

day 4 - gruyeres and morat 6

i really liked this booth. i admit that giger is an acquired taste but, once you’ll find it in your heart to accept his world, you will be blown away.  the wall of dead babies is a reference to the landscape XVIII painting.

day 4 - gruyeres and morat 8day 4 - gruyeres and morat 9day 4 - gruyeres and morat 10

how do you like the intricate floor? these cast tiles are themselves works of art.

IMG_5441 IMG_5422 IMG_5438IMG_5429

a similar bar is located in chur, giger’s birth place. and there used to be a giger bar in minato, tokyo. but it fell into the hands of the yakuza and was closed sometime later.

after a while, i realized i had to leave and let others enjoy the place as well. so i crossed the street to see the museum.


this little guy is a bambi alien. how cute is that?

IMG_5444 IMG_5445

i’m pretty sure you know this person. maybe from the film, or maybe from a personal nightmare. lol!

i love it how imperfect and rough it looks. and how the lack of eyes makes it impersonal and scarier.

IMG_5446 IMG_5447IMG_5448IMG_5455 IMG_5462

a table made of six crucified jesuses, anyone?


this is the harkonnen table with the chairs. wow! check out its details and perfect finishing.


IMG_5502 IMG_5503IMG_5504IMG_5508

this is a miniature harkonnen table and chairs, in the gift shop area.

IMG_5515 IMG_5509

this is either a copy or actually one of the mike stands commissioned by korn. wow!

IMG_5514IMG_5536 IMG_5516 IMG_5518

this was it: 12,5 euros worth of fun!

in front of the museum, some tourist girls found the best solution to cool off.

IMG_5537 IMG_5542 IMG_5544

you can call this a late lunch or an early dinner: vegetable rosti covered with a generous layer of gruyere, of course.


we said goodbye to the beautiful mountains and set off.


by golden hour, we had arrived in morat, on the shore of lake morat. we only stayed for one hour or so but it was well worth it.

IMG_5598    IMG_5593IMG_5599IMG_5603IMG_5600IMG_5628IMG_5630

i even made a local friend!


please don’t lose patience: the rest of the swiss posts are coming!

photo credits: little aesthete