day 7 – geneve is our last day before flying home the next morning. it was a hot day but we enjoyed it!

day 7 - geneve

the tourist info center was very close to the train station so we popped in. it was a great idea: the boy there gave us all the details we needed! we bought geneva passes and i definitely recommend it. it allows free entrance to a lot of museums and attractions as well as free public transport. click here to see exactly what it offers.

we took a bus to the frontier with france (yes, it’s that close). we walked over until the telepherique du saleve and we took it for an amazing bird’s eye view of geneve.

day 7 - geneve 1 day 7 - geneve 2

back to the city, we walked to the les bains neighbourhood. we spent a few hours in the area.

day 7 - geneve 3

we started off with the centre d’art contemporain. it was definitely one of the weakest of its kind i’ve ever visited. so don’t go, unless you have time to kill.

day 7 - geneve 4  day 7 - geneve 5 day 7 - geneve 7 day 7 - geneve 8 day 7 - geneve 9day 7 - geneve 10IMG_6187IMG_6188IMG_6194IMG_6196IMG_6197IMG_6215IMG_6221

we had some fancy lunch at cafe de la paix. the food was nice but the service was a bit off, to put it nicely. still, i’d go back if i was in the area again.


the patek philippe museum was next on our list. their collection is amazing, perfect if you are interesting in such things. very educational!


we took a 1-hour cruise on the lake. i’ve done it before but it never gets old!


our last destination for the day was the les grottes neighbourhood. we went to the colourful and downright kitschy smurfs building. i am not sorry i went. but i wouldn’t recommend it unless you finished seeing everything else.


this was the last post of my swiss trip. i hope you enjoyed them!

photo credits: little aesthete