dazed spring summer 2014 is one of the too many magazines i brought home from london.

dazed spring summer 2014 8

* panos yiapanis is one of my favourite stylists. also, he is one the executive fashion editors of dazed. for one of the four covers of this issue, he did what he does best lately: bleached eyebrows, baroque goth and lots of givenchy. the model was maria carla boscono, best friend of givenchy designer ricardo tisci.

dazed spring summer 2014 4

*  katy england, also an executive fashion editor, styled the second cover. think jamie brochet and lots of ann demeulemeester archive pieces. after finding out that she was dancing in pointe shoes in her parents garage to loud nine inch nails i started liking her more.

dazed spring summer 2014 5

* queercore pioneer vaginal davis.

* claire yurika davis takes the sex out of latex. check out her brand, hanger inc.

dazed spring summer 2014 3dazed spring summer 2014 2

* check out shanzhai biennial!

* raf simons talks about his collaboration with sterling ruby and about being divided between antwerp and paris, dior and his own brand.

* larry clark is making his first foreign language film, the smell of us, by filming a group of french kids. click here for a very long teaser. or a make of, i can’t tell.

dazed spring summer 2014 1

* do you remember the step dancers rick owens used in one of his recent shows? well, dazed felt the need to extend their fifteen minutes of fame. i’m still kinda grinding on the fact that mr. owens most probably doesn’t carry clothes in their sizes…

* an interview with matthias schoenaerts, rising actor and the current face of louis vuitton. i loved him in de rouille et d’os.

dazed spring summer 2014 6

* an article about film rebels stereotactic moscow.

* walter van beirendonck is interviewed by a former intern. interesting detail: raf simons also used to intern for this bearded member of the antwerp 6. i have a soft spot for walter so i was glad to see his penis shoes are making waves. lol!

dazed spring summer 2014 7

i loved the issue: content heavy and alternative. but i don’t understand why they called it the outsiders. i think the belgians would have been a more accurate theme, right? let’s see: designer walter van beirendonck, photographer willy vanderperre, designer raf simons, actor matthias schoenaerts, an article about the belgian cinema new wave and i’m pretty sure i must be missing somebody.

get your dazed at newsstands around the world! apart from that, try to keep up with dazed digital, the online sibling, which is busy and interesting as well.

photo credits: copyright owners