i’m only posting on the cbk/naked cuddles gig now cuz i have been buried under a lot of (unrelated) work.

on thursday, i got to ctrl before the show started, said hi to dean, who was mingling. the show was short and energetic, pretty much what i’d expect if i went to see a small electronic band in berlin: dean behind the mac, also doing backing vocals for megg who blasted us with her energy. oh, i might have forgotten to tell you that megg has a serious case of allergy to textiles: she gets rid of them asap. and she did. but i think that’s great. what else is performing if not testing one’s hopefully flexible boundaries? i loved how they did the hypnotic listen to me, my favourite. so, the set was short, meg threw a tee with a myriad of cut outs to the fans (i later saw the grabber wearing it proudly) and it was over.

i found dean and we circled the club looking for megg, to do the leftover half of the interview. we finally found her and the two of us managed to end up upstairs, in the passageway outside. she was still wearing barely anything but doc martens, fishnets and a biker jacket from which she pulled stuff out like a f***ing magician. one of those things was a cam corder we used to film our talk. we decided it was better than using my phone. so we started talking and soon her pantless legs for miles attracted two very creepy guys. they were just staring until one asked if he could touch her…we wrapped up the “shoot” and went downstairs.

i can barely say anything about australian headliners (hihi) pivot. sorry… though, after they finished, a handful of energetic people danced and hopped to dean’s very techno dj set. it was loud and he looked happy, which helped. we were not many but that was not a minus.

thank you, guys. i’m thinking we’ll see each other again.

ps: @ megg pls send filmed material. thnx

photo credits: lilaesthete