december 2015 finds is a list of what i have been doing during this past month apart from work and hanging out with friends over the winter holidays.

december 2015 finds

1.for some reason, 2015 was the year i read several rock memoirs (see the previous posts of this series to find out what i thought about the memoirs of kim gordon, anthony kiedis and patti smith).

this time around, it’s duff mckagan of guns’n’roses and velvet revolver fame. i found this book because i started listening to a lot of the music i was listening to 20 years ago after scott weiland recently died. duff wrote two books: it’s so easy and other lies and how to be a man (and other illusions). i’ve just finished the first and i plan to read the 2nd as well.

december 2015 finds 1

i liked the book: it’s gripping, especially if you are aware of the public evolution of the whole guns’n’roses phenomenon. you cannot not love duff after reading all about his ups and downs. he does not take himself seriously and his modesty and vulnerability make you feel like you actually know the guy.

the bonus was that, the evening i finished reading, i caught wind of an internet rumor saying that guns’n’roses are going to play together again, with the original line-up. coincidences!

2. even if i kinda lost track of him, maynard keenan is still one of my favourite rock stars out there. here’s his latest release with his current band, puscifer.

3. i was pleasantly surprised by radiohead‘s christmas gift for us all. it’s the commissioned and refused theme song for the latest james bond film. i understand that this is a bit too eerie and atmospheric for 007 but, come on, the track that got picked is so forgettable…

4. i have fallen under the charm of david chang a while ago, while watching his season of in the mind of a chef. so i dutifully follow him and his endeavours on facebook and instagram. this is how i ended up binge watching the video content he put out with his side project magazine, lucky peach (the literal translation of momofuku, the name of his ny restaurant).

december 2015 finds 2

5. i have been watching a whole lot of youtube during this past year. i’ve even started subscribing to channels and checking out the lists they make for me based on my previous choices. this is how i came across this gem of a duet: brett anderson from suede and emmanuelle seigner.

here you have a live version.

6. as i was saying above, i have been revisiting some grunge era music. somehow, i did not know sour girl by stone temple pilots. i played it in loop for a couple of days. watch it and remember the best of scott weiland.

7. while doing the grunge marathon, i ran into an old acquaitance: chris cornell and his new superband: audiosalve. my favourite track of theirs is be yourself.

8. i discovered ivan & the parazol on facebook. this hungarian band may not be the best one out there but i find their energy intoxicating. check them out!

9. sailing la vagabonde is a youtube channel run by a couple of aussies. they make videos of themselves sailing their boat around the globe and they ask you to support their lifestyle on patreon. after you watch a few videos, you’ll wonder why you’re not doing the same thing!

10. hey claire is the youtube chanel run of beauty guru claire marshall (she is the girl in the cover photo). i chose the video below because i love the complete ocd of it: it soothes me. check out claire’s videos and sooner rather than later you will most definitely spot bruce, her black tom cat!

11. i often find myself buying random beauty products. yep, i’m a serial cheater than way!

i discovered biore in japan and i love it. when i laid my eyes on their balancing moisturizer i knew i wanted to get it. what i didn’t know was just how mesmerizing is the process of using it. check out my video below!

12. doru dumitrescu makes wearable sculptures. i have been watching his work  for years and sighing over his unbelievable pieces. but the time has come and i now own one myself!

i hope you found something of interest among my december 2015 finds.

last but not least, i take the opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog and for the support. i wish you all a kick ass 2016!

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete