december 2016 finds comes later than usual. i hope you think late is better than never!

december 2016 finds

1.i haven’t watched a korean drama in maybe 2 years. i discovered moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo a couple of months ago but couldn’t find the time to actually see it. and then… i binged watched the 20 episodes in a few days. it’s a historical drama, but i was kinda focused on the main character, an unloved prince prince who rises in spite of all odds. i’ve started following the actor on instagram but he’s nothing like the character…

i’m posting a fan video since it’s better than the official trailer. give this series a try!

2. i endlessly looped this mesmerizing version of david bowie’s bring me the disco king featuring john frusciante but also maynard keenan and mila jovovich as backing vocals. danny lohner from nine inch nails did the remix. i just love it!

3. i also binge watched the whole first season of umbre, an hbo europe production. it’s about the colourful and often heartless fauna of a fictitious version of the romanian underworld. i’m now waiting for the second season!

also, i would love to see valea muta, a 2016 hbo production with one of my favourite romanian directors, marian crisan.

4. i spent a couple of weeks in in valencia over the holidays. i tried to chill but i actually ended up spending 30% of the time in bed nursing a cold, 30% working and maybe 40% walking around and seeing more of the place. i heard you can’t always get what you want lol.

anyhow, i’ll make a selection of the best pics and post them separately. until then, here’s a teaser.

december 2016 finds 3 december 2016 finds 4 december 2016 finds 5 december 2016 finds 6 december 2016 finds 7

5. another song i couldn’t get over was iceage’s live version of the classic moon river. if you like it, check the whole show at the boiler room in berlin.

6. as i was saying, i worked while i was away, so i could only read il principito from the stack of books i gathered in order to improve my spanish.

7. i don’t really do christmas. but i guess i could call the book of masks by dr. jart my christmas gift. i used the brightening mask on new year’s eve. it was nice. and so, my fascination with korean beauty stuff continues.

8. we spent the first day of the year walking along el saler beach for a few hours. we had some late lunch at an arrozeria on the beach and went home. i hope the rest of our year will be as relaxing as spending a day beach combing was.

december 2016 finds 2

9. i must’ve told you about simon and martina before. they are a couple of youtubers who used to live and film in seoul, but have now moved to tokyo. watch one of their most recent video about the 3-starred sushi god: it’s so good!

10. i attended the launch of a graphic novel called home alone by andreea chirica aka hardcomics 15. it’s about loneliness and it can be sad. but i like her work so i’m always interested in what she’s doing.

11. i really enjoyed reading this article on huffington post. it’s about a 60 year old dominatrix. read it: it’s surprisingly enlightening!

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 18: Sandra LaMorgese takes part in a dominatrix session with the dominated subject, Joseph Gello, at Parthenon Studios in New York on Monday July 18, 2016. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post) *** Local Caption ***

12. i spent a while sitting on a shelf in an el corte ingles to read the spanish version of sarah’s scribbles: crecer es un mito. so funny: i love her!

these being said, i hope we’ll all have a productive 2017 full of smiles!

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copywright owners