december 2021 finds is here. it’s a short list because i have been working a lot.


1. i’ve read next to nothing lately. but i did go through tom of finland’s the art of pleasure. it’s a collection of 20 comics. i understood why he’s so famous. so many years later, his drawings are still very current. and hot.


2. british vogue booked kristen mcmenamy for its cover. i have liked her ever since the 90s. recently, she got on insta and it worked. it revived her career.


3. fka twigs launched her new album. and this single caught my ear.

4. i made an effort and listened to arca’s new albums. she launched 4 at the same time called, kick II, kick III, kick IIII and kick IIIII. she intrigues me, but boquifloja is the only track i saved.


5. i have finally watched my own private idaho by gus van sant. it was interesting.

6. i had to go see almodovar’s latest film, madres paralelas. it was ok, but only that.

7. i watched the trip to spain by michael winterbottom. the 3rd in the tetralogy, it’s better if you already know the references. otherwise, it’s a bit hard to follow.

8. and the trip to greece was even weaker.


9. i watched the 3rd season of selling sunset. watch to see a textbook narcissist at work.

10. million dollar beach house is about a real estate agency in connecticut. it was barely ok.

11. selling tampa was better. it’s about a black-owned and staffed real estate agency.

12. and l’agence is about a parisian real estate agency. the second season will drop later this year and i’ll be watching.

13. i’ve been watching the and just like that episodes and it’s not bad. sure, it tries so hard to be diverse and current. but it has its merits, too. it features a bunch of older ladies who are active and attractive. it’s not as bad as i feared.

14. i cannot say the same about the second season of emily in paris. i’m not exactly sure, but i think the last two series share a production house and a main stylist. still, emily in paris is more caricatural, less diverse and hardly relatable.

15. i needed something to watch mindlessly. so i watched too hot to handle brazil. i enjoyed listening to the slangy way the people spoke.

16. also, i watched too hot to handle latino. i liked listening to the different spanish dialects.


17. this artist proved it is possible to live for free in beijing.


18. i have been hypnotized by the content on this channel. it provides fly-on-the-wall views of udon restaurants in osaka. mesmerizing.

19. this video edits together food shots from various animes. so good!

20. listen to this obviously passionate plastic surgeon.

21. this is interesting insight.

22. i like isabelle huppert. who doesn’t?

23. i was surprised how much i liked vanessa hudgens’ house.

24. interesting videos of iman.

25. i liked the drone footage of aveiro.

how was your december? and how was your 2021?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders