december 2023 finds is here, incredibly late.


somehow, i read a book every week for the first 3 weeks of the holidays and then nothing.

1. i loved if i had your face by frances cha. the multiple pov is a bit confusing, but it’s worth reading.

2. love in the city by sang young park gives a glimpse of the queer korean world.

3. nemesis by phillip roth is about a polio epidemic that takes place in america during the second world war. it’s not roth’s best.


4. pardalita by joana estrela is a portuguese book for teenagers. i liked the drawing style. the story is slow, but perfect for my level of language.

5. a second book from planeta tangerina is mar negro by ana pessoa and bernardo p. carvalho. same conclusion. i like the drawing style, but the story is slow and sparse. but, again, perfect for learning.


6. i read the latest 2 issues of british vogue since i’m posting so late. i cannot avoid thinking about the change of editor in chief that’s coming soon. the march issue will be eduard enninful’s last. but he stays within the company in a different job.


7. henry rollins is not a favourite of mine. but this video is interesting.

8. i discoved suki by mistake and i like some of her music.


this list is so film-heavy because i saw the first 5 films in flights.

9. sonnen und beton is a german film that’s weaker than its 7.5 imdb score.

10. babyteeth is a weak australian film.

11. inside with daniel dafoe started great. he is a high art thief who gets trapped in a pritzker prize winner’s apartment in new york. but very soon, i couldn’t care less about what happened next and stopped watching.

12. barbie was not bad. i’d recommend it.

13. elvis is buz lurmann’s sugarcoated version of what happened, but it’s worth watching.

14. i loved perfect days by wim wenders. most probably, it was because i left tokyo and asakusa (the neighbourhood where the main character lives) not long ago. it’s a linear, minimalist film that works.

read this interview about mr. wenders who’s representing japan at the oscars.


15. i love loic prigent. recently, he started for louis vuitton a new podcast called extended. i enjoyed the jackson wang episode but many are very interesting.


16. elon musk has been lying a whole lot.


17. i was in 8 hotels while i was away. my absolute favourite was higashiyama in kyoto.

18. another favourite was mondrian seoul, in itaewon.


19. i keep on seeing jacob elordi literally everywhere. this the best snl skit from last week.

20. i loved listening to tarantino geeking out about wong kar-wai.

how was your december? i was away in japan and south korea for a while. you can check my trip on insta, i posted a whole lot. 😉

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete