design festa gallery is this super cool gallery in harajuku.

design festa gallery 4

the space is divided in two: gallery east and gallery west. to get from one to the other, you have to go through the very cute outdoors cafe bar. also, there is sakura tei – a pretty famous okonomiyaki and monja place.

the gallery has a very interesting business model. they rent out parts of their space to willing artists. i have a brochure with all the prices and spaces available (21 exhibition spaces + 50 wall spaces). i will only give you a couple of examples so you can get an idea.

101-a is a 33.6 sqm area – the most expensive they have to offer. it is available for the following prices:

52,900 yen=391 euro/weekday

88,000 yen=651 euro/weekend or holiday day

132,300 yen=978 euro/3 days

374,850 yen=2773 euro/week.

a 4.5 sqm storage is available for a very reasonable 1,000 yen=7,4 euro/day. i believe it’s plenty of space for an emerging artist to display their stuff.

the weirdest place they are renting out is the toilet in the 1st floor. lol! i had no idea about that when i was there. otherwise, i would have gone to check out the art. the toilet is very small (square footage is not available) and it costs 2,600 yen=19.2/week and 10,000 yen= 73.9 euro/month. a bargain!

the gallery charges no commission on sales. i can tell you that some of the artists shared the spaces and most probably the costs. why not?

they even have a free magazine featuring gallery-related news.

here you have pictures of how the place looked at the beginning of june. the main page of the gallery website has a list of the artists in case you have more drive, time and japanese skills to track down the featured artists.

design festa gallery 1design festa gallery 2 design festa gallery 3 design festa gallery 5 design festa gallery 6 design festa gallery 7 design festa gallery 8 design festa gallery 9 design festa gallery 10 design festa g 11 design festa g 12

she is asami. i bought a post card with this cute character and her card had the shape of the character. cute!

design festa g 13 design festa g 14 design festa g 15 design festa g 16

below you have hangyomans.

design festa g 17 design festa g 18

here, there was an opening. the only card i got was a chartreuse origami of a school girl outfit. very cute! here you have the artist’s blog and twitter.

design festa g 19 design festa g 20 design festa g 21 design festa g 22 design festa g 23

the highlight of keisuke hasegawa’s party was the kinbaku demonstration. check it out!

design festa g 36design festa g 39design festa g 40

below, you have the art of risa mehmet. follow her on her website, artwork tumblrtumblr or instagram. she had variety and a strong vision.

design festa g 24 design festa g 25 design festa g 26 design festa g 27 design festa g 28 design festa g 29 design festa g 30 design festa g 31 design festa g 32 design festa g 33 design festa g 34 design festa g 35 design festa g 37

design festa g 38   design festa g 41 design festa g 42

below, you have the art of hiroyuki tsunomori. his card looked like an actual playing card  only with a much cooler black and white design. i liked his rock’n’roll sensibility with strong japanese influences. find him on his website, facebook profile and twitter.

design festa g 43 design festa g 44 design festa g 45design festa g 46

keep up with the gallery by checking out their website, facebook page, twitter and blog.

what do you think of their business model? i like the place and i’ll be there every time i’m in tokyo!

photo credits: little aesthete