japan is full on tiny or narrow buildings due to the housing crisis and i love spotting them and taking their picture 🙂 in case you too admire miniature houses out of an urban, contemporary fairy tale, click here for many itsy bitsy pictures!

in case you are walking around in shibuya, tokyo, you may come across this toy sized show room. it looks more like a glass box than anything else but i love the pocket format as well as the white cubic shelves that line one wall especially since they look just like one of the possibilities of a bookshelf i had in mind for my own place. but, don’t get your plastic out in a hurry hoping to get your hands on their cute kitchenware: the tiny cube is just for show not for sale. visit their online store for purchases!

and last, but not least, a wonderful little width-challanged house, also in japan. made by fujiwara muro architects, it looks a lot like the place i could move into in case i’d go live in tokyo for a while. it’s full of light and seemingly spacious enough for two. do you like it?

who would think there are so many dwarfish buildings in the world? haha! i love them!