discover frudisiac, the newest place in town and future addition to your favourite spot list.

discover frudisiac

frudisiac is related to bucharest modern classic rue de pain. whoever is familiar with the polarizing power of the latter will know that its young sibling will make its own mark very soon.

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located on a small street in central bucharest, the project was started from scratch. the building is a cute example of pet architecture. greek-born, london-based nana architecture were in charge of both the design as well as the decor.

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the theme is essentially scandinavian. both form and essence are true to the concept.

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the plentiful wood is austrian-sourced oak and spruce.

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the tea is nute  – the choice is organic and endless and it even includes the much loved scandinavian flavor of lakrids (liqorice).

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the cool mobile lamp installation was especially commissioned to danish artist kasper friis kjeldgaard and it’s made of wood, copper, paper, twine and cork.

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the baristas are trained in stockholm. that is also where the coffee (roasted on commission), chocolate and tea come from.

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breakfast and lunch will be served daily. the menu will feature simple, healthy and delicious dishes. the juices and smoothies are hydraulically-pressed on the spot and the baked goods are courtesy of the potent rue de pain ovens. save some room for a cup of their special drip coffee.

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since i went there before the opening day, i have no pictures of colourful salads or pancakes. but i noticed that many guests were happy to post on instagram visual proof of their visits.

beside the edibles, you will also find a short list of alternative magazine titles on sale: 032c, the gentlewoman, fantastic man, kinfolk, etc.

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expect this to be one of those few and far between places where you feel like a regular right from the start. the staff is helpful and friendly. the atmosphere is relaxed and cosy. it’s definitely already one of my top places. go visit and tell me how you liked it!

photo credits: little aesthete