now that we enjoyed street delivery so much, here comes women on matasari, a street festival meant to change the reputation of the infamous area and to discuss the place women have in our society. hmm, interesting!

you have the full program here!

we’re going tonight by bike, eager to check out the place and hear matze’s amazing heavy beats!

the weekend includes many workshops on women-topics, concerts, tango, theater, football (!!), etc, etc.  browse the program, there’s something in there for everybody. also, many guests supporting the worthy cause!

on sunday, at 5 pm, vello bello organizes a girls ride for us pedaling girls.

the forecast says: hot weekend with lots of sun! so: bring your friends, your bike, your kids, dogs or, better still, bring everybody! see you there!

LATER EDIT: friday evening on matasari street was terrible. the street was closed but it was still full of parked cars and there was just one thing going on: the “fashion” show…girls on the catwalk wearing some kind of make shift dresses and wearing parts of floral arrangements which were later taken away most probably in order to be re-attached to the funeral crowns they came from and sold to unsuspecting people. and, when that was over, there was nothing…no music, no dismantling of the catwalk, absolutely nothing. people, including us, were leaving. at 22:30, matze was still roaming around waiting for them to tell him when he can start djing…  the organizers should be ashamed for the completely sub-standard evening…i came with 6 people and i was ashamed to have been the one who recommended the event.

i apologize in case you went after you read my post. it is possible that today will be better, but i’ve seen enough: i’m not going back. i can’t tell you how sorry i am!