modern, wild-looking jewelry? yes, please.

– this maison martin margiela plexi neck piece had the blogosphere talking: nobody would even think about wearing it. i totally would. actually, i have a smaller/cheaper version that i’m wearing quite often. i usually like all the pieces margiela puts out there: they’re simple and they often challenge the concept most people have when it comes to bling.

mmm ribbon ring

– a few seasons back, i liked artist/jewelrer pamela love‘s first collection, the one with the bird talon as a bracelet and bird skulls hanging off necklaces.

crow head

– another piece i loved recently was gareth pugh’s scythe ring. and many of natalia brilli‘s pieces.

scythe ring


– in a more ornate direction, delfina delettrez (the daughter of silvia fendi and bernard delettrez, a jeweler himself from whom she announces her professional break up, on the first page of her website). browse to discover delfina’s dark but always surprising range. also, check her collaboration with giuseppe zanotti: jewelry for shoes!

so! would you or wouldn’t you?