as you may have noticed, i started a series of posts about stylish people. they seem to rarely rely on must haves but rather on vintage and on their special skill of mixing and matching old and new, patterns and colours to fit their body type and personality.

with a shock of platinum hair paired with pieces in primary colours, elisa nalin‘s amazing style made her a favourite of the street style mafia and consequently a favourite of mine.

i’m guessing her colour blocking ways preceded the actual trend, dare i say it, perhaps even helped starting it.

born in verona, italy, currently living in paris with her husband and son, she is, on one hand, a free lance stylist and design consultant (editorial, commercial + consulting for shows) and, on the other hand, editrix for crash magazine and contributing editor to lula, japanese harper’s bazaar and french glamour.

her style has also caught the eye of the selby and tales of endearment.

some interesting bits of trivia that stuck with me: she loves japan but hasn’t visited it yet and she owns thousands of pairs of shoes (wow, thousands!).

i would love to have more courage and speak her colourful style language!

photo credits: google search