energiea is one of my favourite places in bucharest right now. i have no idea how comes i have never told you about it so far.


they managed to become that legendary place where you go for pretty much any occasion. casual meeting with a client? great place to have a lunch set? long time no see update with a friend? a concert? delicious food? no matter what the situation, energiea is the place to go.

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the spacious interior has interesting decor, the work of brilliant corvin cristian. think original pieces and fittings mixed with lots of delightfully mismatched modern chairs and a recurring typography theme. the building used to serve as a printshop and it was called, you guessed it, energiea.

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there is a bar, a terrace (for good weather), many tables of various sizes and a lounge space with lots of natural light.

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the food is remarkable. i don’t remember anything i didn’t like and i had several of their dishes. the chips are natural, not frozen. the spare ribs are great (order with a friend, the portions are big). and they do a delicious coq au vin!

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oh, and they have a west highland white terrier: toto. he’s very friendly and will come play with you or not depending on his mood. he’s a very cute mascot!

IMG_5203energiea 10energiea 12

last, but not least, they have a house newspaper where they publish creative projects that catch their eye. not bad!

if you are in bucharest for the winter holidays, they are organizing what sounds like a great new year’s eve party.

follow energiea on their website, facebook and twitter.

photo credits: energiea, george pruteanu, little aesthete