euromaidan fights and it’s all over my facebook and twitter feeds. i cry in front of my screen because i feel their pain and anger. and because i doubt that i will ever be this ballsy and relentless in my fight. it’s fucking heartbreaking to watch this unfair war happening 800 km away from me.

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i see kyiv in flames. i see that beautiful square i walked through a few years ago and it’s all war-ridden and burnt. but the ukrainians are somehow winning at this! they are organized and driven. in spite of the inequality between the two parties, the police and the mercenaries paid by the state lack the burning anger and the stubbornness of the people.

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those superhuman men that brave the bullets and the armed forces with make shift body armours and molotov cocktails are the unsung heroes of our time. and their backing army of women and elderly feeding them as well as providing ammunition of stones torn from the pavement is equally deserving.

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i grew up during communist times so i’ve never liked romanian authorities much. but the passivity of my people is a constant that lessens my militant drive. i wish i had the ukrainians’ steely resolve.  i wish romania had that many people in the streets fighting the assholes we put in charge. i wish my anger could be used somehow not just claw away uselessly inside of me.

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the world is boiling and the internet keeps us informed. protests blow up in venezuela, thailand, barcelona and the list is never ending. a funny truth comes out: there is no freedom for the poor! we’re great for paying taxes, but no one is interested in our wishes. although the politicians’ job is exactly to serve the will of their people. sadly, the political class will abuse any kind of power they have to serve their own purposes. it’s this simple.

i will cry in front of my screen again, watching goose bumps pictures and videos of people risking their lives for a freedom otherwise guaranteed by the constitution. and i will always be with the underdogs and i will always hope their cause prevails! because that would make the world a better place. until then: WE FIGHT!

photo credits: bigpicture, copyright owners