maravilhoso portuguese concept store with an exquisite selection of fashion, books and music. also, a couple of FC-branded compilation cds and cosmetics.

amazing, ever-changing window arrangements! when i was in lisbon, there was an avalanche of purple dots. simple but very impressive!

this is a high-end concept store. if that’s your cup of tea, do not miss visiting the store in lisbon or the one in porto. they also have an outlet store in lisbon.

the owner is paula amorim, a stylish, mother of two heiress who apparently finds work more interesting than partying. among others, she’s also part of grupo americo amorim (aa is her dad), the consortium that bought 25% of tom ford, the brand.

it’s worth a visit even if prada shoes or uslu airlines nail polish are not on your shopping list. to be prepared, enjoy their comprehensive website first!