february 2016 finds is my newest list of discoveries. somehow, i managed to read four comics this month, don’t ask me how!


1. i can’t remember when first saw grayson perry. anyway, i like him a lot and i’ve recently borrowed his book playing to the gallery: helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood from some friends and read it. you should read it too if contemporary art interests you!


2. maus by art spiegelman has been on my to-read list for a while. even before i went to spiegelman’s exhibition at the centre pompidou, in the 3rd level library, years ago. recently, i just found the pdf online and read it. the drawings are nice but the story is unfinished. i downloaded part 2 – i’ll let you know what’s what next month!


3. i went to valencia decided to buy books. books written by spanish or even valencian writers. books with modern stories, which could help me better understand the status quo. i spent a few hours in fnac in 2 or 3 occasions, trying to decide which books i should take home. the novels that caught my eye were mostly translations or not exactly what i wanted. but the bd department was full of spanish comics! i bought 2 (see below) but had to leave so many behind.

so, one day, i spent one hour sitting on a metal handcart, reading el mundo a tus pies by nadar. not sorry – it’s a collection of short stories about the lives of the youth in spain nowadays.


4. cooltureta and 5. soy de pueblo are the comics i bought to complete my collection by moderna de pueblo. i liked the first book i found last time i was in spain, so i was excited about getting these two. they are really fun!

650_H400246.jpg  february 2016 finds

6. i have recently seen the danish girl. the good acting and amazing photography save the weak script. to say nothing of the fact that, in real life, his wife was a lesbian so there was no real drama. also, he died a year after his/her 2nd surgery not right away.

anyhow… check it out, especially if you like eddie redmayne or matthias schoenaerts, like i do!

7. seven deadly sins by slipknot’s corey taylor is… not worth bothering with. his ghost writer is trying hard to impress us with his vocabulary while corey himself is trying in vain to dazzle us with his rock and roll shenanigans. the book is a hot mess: you’ve been warned!

february 2016 finds

8. rams by grímur hákonarson. this icelandic film was less about sheep and more about the relationship between two estranged brothers. perhaps it’s a bit difficult, in a very icelandic way, but it’s worth seeing.

9. nothing’s gonna hurt you baby by cigarettes after sex was the sedating soundtrack of my recent stress. it came right in time.

10. last but definitely not least, i will tell you that i spent the best part of the past few weeks crushing hard on g-dragon, the bite-sized king of k-pop. i’ll try to write a separate post about this. until then, here’s one of my favourite songs. enjoy!

these were my finds. what are yours?

photo and video credits: copyright holders