february 2020 finds is here!

1.i’ll start with the berlin stuff. i spent one week there. it was kinda cold and the city seems a huge construction site. but i did have 3 sunny days. storm sabine/ciara seemed to be a huge problem, but we
ultimately avoided it.

2. i went to the museum für fotografie, which doubles as the helmut newton foundation. it’s definitely worth a visit.

3. i ended up going to the decorative arts museum twice. the museum is big and the wealth of exhibits justifies at least 2 visits. go when you have plenty of time.

my favourite part was the jugendstil gallery. especially the rene lalique pieces.

4. i visited the bröhan museum, in charlottenburg. it shows bauhaus and jugendstil pieces, but it’s kinda small.

5. with another ticket, i was able to visit the museum next door and the one across the street. the berggruen museum has giacometti, picasso, klee, etc. i liked it. its sibling, the scharf-gerstenberg collection, shows surrealist art. both recommended.

6. i went to see mies van der rohe haus aka lemke haus. the house itself is quite simple. but i liked the garden and the location, right on a lake. nice.

7. gropius bau is a very happening gallery. i liked the very interesting in-house restaurant called beba and their gift store.

8. we went to futurium, a place about the future. i was not all that impressed. maybe it’s because i was not patient enough to read all the explanations. it was saturday and it was full of people.

9. hamburger bahnhof was interesting. not very, but enough. we had lunch there and i enjoyed the restaurant.

10. we went to the area called neu venedig aka new venice. i loved it! that was probably the best day.

11. we went to palais populaire for an opening. a crowd of important people, champagne and amuse bouches. an enjoyable pit stop.

12. another pitstop was westberlin. interesting place.

13. a couple of years ago, in an airport, i was nearby when a guy sprayed himself with oud by acqua di parma. i liked it and i couldn’t forget it. in berlin, i got the big 180ml bottle. i’m not sorry.

14. trying to improve my portuguese, i read the children’s book a historia de catherine aka catherine certitude by patrick modiano. it was very satisfying.

15. art’otel mitte was modern, central and welcoming in a very unintrusive way. i definitely recommend it.

16. this is an interesting article about baby talk. what they mean is the pragmatics behind the diminutives used by the brazilians. i think all latin languages use them, with the same subtext. in romanian and spanish, it’s super easy to create diminutives and use them in order to convey a more familiar tone.

17. since i’ve been moving around a little in the past years, i’ve also been throwing out stuff. and i’ve been paying more attention to the stuff i buy. that’s how comes i have a new pile of books. the ones i want to give away before moving again. hausfrau by jill alexander essabaum is in that pile. i read it and i’m shaking my head.

18. karen elson is so endearing. i was crying by the end of the first video and it’s surely a first with a vogue video.

19. we went to my first concert in casa da musica. it was beethoven and it was interesting. we’ve already bought tickets for another one.

20. i saw next in fashion. the good: the contestants. the bad: alexa chung and tan france as fashion experts…

21. vogue paris is stepping up their youtube game. disclaimer: i cannot be sure if these videos were indeed produced by vogue paris since the vogues generally use each other’s content.

22. but vogue us sure seems to also get in with the program.

23. i watched the first one, so i kinda had to watch the sequel, too. it’s easy, but well-made pop.

24. thinking about how the world is experienced by deaf people is a good exercise.

25. i ran into arca in valencia sometime last year, by mistake. she lives there with her visual artist boyfriend. i was wondering when i was going to see her. i talked to her for a minute. she’s cute and nice.

although i find her interesting, her music has eluded me so far. i like her intense performances though. she has just launched a 62-minute single and i like it. it features rosalia, at least one deftones sample and a strong cj ballard vibe. it’s an enjoyable trip. take it!

26. here’s 3 more stories from the channel i posted last month, too.

27. in preparation for may’s casa da musica einsturzende neubauten gig, i’ve watched this. blixa and co. live at the new hamburg philarmonie.

28. this video has a few interesting points.

29. i watched the nhk-produced 4-part 10 years with hayao miyazaki documentary. you’ll love it if you are a fan. i’m now planning to binge on all of his films. also, check out other ghibli films.

30. unusually, i’ve finished another book. the night brother by rosie garland is the story of two siblings sharing the same body. it has a difficult start but stick with it. it picks up the pace and you’ll be quite eager to turn the pages.

31. i’ve just started using nuxuriance creme riche redensifiante and the eye and lip contour from nuxe. i’m getting older so i like the richer texture of this line. still, my absolute favourite nuxe product is still the creme riche hydratante 48h. i think i’ll keep on buying that one for ever.

32. i decided to go visit livraria lello again. the first time i went, it was back in 2008. there was no charge, but they didn’t want you to take pictures. in the meantime, things changed. for the worse. the bookshop was featured in harry potter. jk rowling was inspired by porto when she wrote the books. so the store is now a money-making machine. there is a long queue down the street every single day. they charge 5 euros which are redeemable against purchase. only they have exclusively leftover books at crazy prices. i wanted to get a comic book. it was 31 euros! i checked online: fnac portugal sells it for 22 and another book store for 19,90. so, beware of their unscrupulous scheme.

33. we had dinner in cafe majestic one night. it’s nice, but overpriced. there are no locals there. but if you are a tourist, maybe you are ok with that.

34. we took a day trip that ended up looking on my insta like an architecture tour. we started with povoa de varzim.

35. then, we stopped in santo tirso. i wanted to see the collaboration between local starchitects alvaro siza and souto moura on the new pavilion for miec and mmap.

36. we arrived in viana do castelo in full carnival. we walked around, with the plan to watch the sunset from santa luzia. only i miscalculated the time. it was still good. we plan to go back one day.

37. i came across matilda, an aussie beauty youtubber. i like her no-nonsense approach and shorter videos.

38. i still haven’t seen parasite, but here’s an interesting interview with the director.

39. you must read this article about how kelis got ripped off during her very successful music career. sad and not a rare occurrence, unfortunately.

40. i have a thing for looking into things that happened when i was young. hit so hard is a documentary about hole drummer patty schemel. it’s interesting to look back with new eyes. everything is clearer.

41. i like junko mizuno. and i love her pop-up book!

42. watch live gigs of primal scream, idles and life interspersed with bits of discussion. i liked the mediator, i found out she is a musician, too. her name is jehnny beth.

43. read this article for diplo‘s concise and funny characters. click to see what i mean.

44. i started using a bag of 50 face masks i bought back in japan. i didn’t think i was going to like them as much as i do. i recommend this kind of thing. the full name is kose cosmeport clear turn plumping mask 50 pieces. there are many similar products, pick your favourite.

45. i read infinity net, yayoi kusama’s autobiography. i can’t remember ever being this angry after finishing a book. this woman wrote a 200-page boasting fest. she’s talking so highly of herself, her art and her friends, it’s hard to believe. on the other hand, she shits on her parents and country. i’d like my money and time back! read at your own peril.

this was it for the shortest month of the year!

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders