february 2022 finds is a bit late.


1. the latest issue of british vogue has naomi and her daughter on the cover. naomi is 51 and vague about who birthed the child. i say it was a surrogate.

2. i bought the latest issue of vogue espana and i shouldn’t have. half the content was borrowed from british vogue. it had a few interesting articles, but not enough.


3. i have been planning for a long time to get more into camaron de la isla, the andaluz flamenco god. i watched almost 100,000 people at his funeral, 30 years ago. it’s late to discover flamenco, but not too late.

4. i’ve tried to brush up on my poor italian. i listened to old eros ramazzotti stuff. very good!

5. it was the perfect time to get to know maneskin better. i prefer their italian songs.

for hard core fans, this is their entire x-factor story.

and this is a recent recent interview with rolling stone.


6. i wasted 3 hours of my life watching drive my car. the only redeeming quality was the garbage processing plant featured for a short minute. i have no idea why it’s so acclaimed. the actors are expressionless throughout. and there are many forced details just to fit a story that’s honestly unrelatable, pretentious and slack.

7. i tried to watch eat, pray, love again. it was so weak, i couldn’t finish it.

8. same thing happened with from rome with love. the same weak and repetetive formula featuring different actors in the same caricatural roles.

9. i watched a weak film featuring robin williams. the entire duration of the film you’re fed a certain type of narrative and the ending shows you a different angle.

10. i used to like jean paul jeunet. but his new netflix premiere is nothing like his old stuff.

11. fantastic fungi was a very interesting documentary.

12. notorious is a weak dramatization of notorious big’s life.

13. i watched the hand of god. the film is weak. the story is weak. but the background images are pretty and napoli is gorgeous.


14. i liked this short documentary.

15. i watched ali wong: don wong. she’s not funny enough. she relies too much on the disgusting stuff.

16. then i watched ricky gervais: humanity. and i remembered how good a comedian can be. he had timing, delivery, etc.

17. pardon my icelandic was recommended to me. i liked the scandinavian point of view.


18. i watched the first episode of jeen-yuhs. kanye west is an ok artist, but a world-class narcissist. i hate his neediness for attention. i hate how he calls himself picasso and shakespeare while openly admitting he’s a proud non-reader of books. he’s a unstable loser who will do anything for attention. and his recent actions are abusive and borderline criminal.

19. summertime was weak, but italian. imagine a diverse, colourful and long music video.

20. this was probably the best thing i watched last month. tear along the dotted line is a very good animation series by italy’s best-selling graphic novel artist, zerocalcare.

21. i tried to watch baby, an italian series about roman kids. i see there are 3 seasons. it was not great, but i could watch it.

22. i binged season 2 of the parisian agency. but i couldn’t find a trailer for it. the family business grows and flourishes. expect ultra-luxe parisian and french real estate.


23. angela bassett is a goddess and i don’t say it lightly.

24. beverly johnson is the original black supermodel.

25. if this was a film, i’d watch it.

how was your february? i toured andalucia and now i’m off to italy. check my insta for updates!

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders