february 2023 finds is finally here!


1. i read luster by raven leilani. she is an american poc woman writer with a distinct style.

2. walk on the wild side by dennis rodman via his ghost writer was beyond weak. it’s delusional make believe. don’t waste your time. instead, read online about what really went on in his life. spoiler alert: it’s much sadder.

3. i read 2 books borrowed from the library. biblioteca de conhecimento: oceano by sabrina weiss was very interesting.

4. i also liked animalium by jenny broom with illustrations by the wonderful katie scott.


5. i loved les reveries d’un gourmet solitaire by jiro tanigughi (drawings) and masayuki kusumi (text).

6. i also loved the 2 volumes of quartier lointain by the same jiro tanigughi. he is wonderful!


7. after a few weeks of messaging back and forth i was able to get access to my british vogue account. so i read 2 issues instead of one this month.


8. deus has a new album called how to replace it. 1989 was definitely the song i’ve listened to most this month. they started their european tour, if you are interested.

9. tracy chapman‘s 1988 debut album is unbelievable. it’s completely made by her, which is less and less common. it’s hard to pick my favourite on this 36-minute gem. 35 years later, this album is still very much current. push play now!

10. boy george’s 1970s save me from suburbia was fun and informative.

11. i still like me taire te plaire by mademoiselle k featuring zazie.

12. a soundtrack reminded me of catatonia.

13. i listened to the newly launched radical romantics by fever ray. i started with the hyped collab with trent reznor, even it out. it’s a grown woman singing to her kid’s bully. the end of the video shows a grown woman pissing on presumably bully’s grave… anyhow, most of the stuff sounds like it belongs on her first album.

14. i liked slowride by chs.

15. i also liked transparent day by brilliant blue.


16. it’s no secret that i like colombian architectural house cinco solidos.

17. click here for a few architectural blueprints of theaters.


18. i saw the much-hyped aftersun. let’s just say i didn’t like it as much as most.

19. but i did love ice merchants, the oscar-nominated portuguese short. it’s wonderful!

20. my place or yours? is a netflix film that doesn’t require you to think much. not recomended.


21. neurodivergents are us. this is an interesting and seemingly endless topic.

22. mikko has a series of home visits in japan.

23. the take has interesting ideas.

24. i wish i knew busan like this.

25. i’d visit hong kong, although i have the way things are there right now.

26. i’ve always found chanel clothes beyond boring. i know they cater to old money and arab sensibilities but still…

27. this is a must watch video.

28. bella freud is the daughter of lucian freud and a clothes designer.

29. deva cassel is the 18 yo daughter of monica belucci and vincent cassel. a european nepo baby who’s beyond beautiful and who you will hear a lot more about.

30. i love this series on the secrets and tricks behind making movies.

31. ballerinas are metal! 🙂

32. porta dos fundos is a huge brazilian humor channel. i love it! they have closed captions in english and, watch out, they can get quite nsfw.

how was your february?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete