february finds 2015 is a set of things i found and liked during this past month. i’ve been busy and a bit sick, so i haven’t posted much. but i do have a decent list of new favourites for you to check!

february finds 2015

1. kim gordon has just released her memoir girl in a band. i haven’t read, or even ordered it yet, but my feeds are rife with articles, interviews and pictures of the punk rock goddess. i love her style, i love it how she hasn’t allowed herself to be preassured into using stereotypical rock star outfits or into undergoing plastic surgery.

february finds 2015 1

for instance, she has recently fronted nirvana and did one of their obscure b-sides in a signature stripey dress and silver wedges for their rock and roll hall of fame induction. she’s a kick ass 61-year old feminine punk rocker who ignores a world who doesn’t necessarily welcome older, stable, strong women.

2. i-d did a 3-part video called on the road with eliot sumner and lykke li documenting the tour they did together. my fascination with eliot started years ago, when i first saw her live. actually, she was my first interview ever. i love her intensity and vision: decidedly one to watch out for! click to check out the first, second and third parts of the video.

3. i discovered the kumano make up brushes. and, while i was researching those, i came across this blog. you must educate yourselves, it’s pure make up brush porn!

kumano is a japanese town with a great tradition of making caligraphy brushes. that skill recently translated into making high-quality make up brushes.  they are not inexpensive but i believe a beautiful hand-made brush that will last me a life time of great use is worth the investment.

i would like to visit kumano and check out their koyudo brushes. here you have my favourites.

powder and blush brush

february finds 2015 2

sokoko fan brush

february finds 2015 3

mushroom brush


february finds 2015 4

8-piece red brush set

february finds 2015 7

black medium powder brush

february finds 2015 6

4. i started going to a creative writing workshop. it’s run by the author of the only recent romanian novel i liked and it’s held at this new and interesting cultural hub. so far, so good!

5. frudisiac is one of bucharest’s new places to check out. you won’t be disappointed!

frudisiac 23

6. i finished my spanish module on duolingo and have very recently started the portuguese.

7. i bought a complete face palette called tattersall fusion from the & other stories store in barcelona. so it’s not exactly new but i’ve been using it more lately and i love it. it applies well and i love both the formula and the colours. i use the red for a very natural lip and cheek colour, the very dark blue on my eyelids and the gold on the inner corners of my eyes. the highlighter goes wherever i need highlighting (well, girls know what i mean). i use my fingers and, weirdly enough, i use all the four colours! it’s still available and they also have a version of it that’s so cool i’d buy that, too.

february finds 2015 9

8. i have decided to brush up on my touch typing skills. i checked out several methods only to stick to my old faithful, mavis beacon.

9. i picked up the latest issue of monocle. it’s got doraemon on the cover and it’s mostly about japan so how could i have not bought it? check out the highlights of this issue here.

february finds 2015 8

10. last but not least, my biggest news is that a few possibilities of exciting traveling occurred. but nothing is definitive so far so… fingers crossed!

i hope you liked my finds. what’s your new finds?

photo credits: copyright holders, little aesthete