do you remember my post on finnair’s quality hunting campaign last year? they are back and the rules of their game are a bit different!

they want 7 quality hunters to travel the world for two months and report on the quality of the air services and more. so far, there are 1,284 applicants for the 7 categories: on the move, socialising, business class, shopping, food and drink, entertainment and services.  the chosen few will fly around the world and come up with new ideas for improving the flight and airport experience: meals, comfort, internet access, amount of time spent on board of airplanes or in airports, seats, quality of sleep, on-flight entertainment  and every other tiny related detail you may think of.

you know that i applied! how could i pass up such an opportunity?

i admire finnair’s constant efforts to become the benchmark in airline quality. my personal experience with them was great in terms of flight and airport (we had short layovers in helsinki on our way to and from japan)  but the wonderful surprise was when we called a finnair operator trying to get out of japan earlier due to the unstable fukushima situation earlier this year. and, in a matter of minutes, the kind operator changed our return date and airport to suit our needs. and the fee charged for the changes was ZERO! because they said they were aware of the difficult situation we were in. now this was amazing and, if only for this, i will recommend them again and again. i expected a swift change of  tickets to be accompanied by a hefty fee, as most companies put their profit first, no matter what. but a company with a heart? now that’s something to write home about!

so: 1. choose finnair if you have the chance – you will not be disappointed!

and 2. please please please support my application! click like share! thank you very much for supporting my efforts! it is greatly appreciated!