florentijn hofman does big pieces. and they are often over-sized versions of familiar objects. they are huge and colourful and they light up the environment they inhabit. they make us smile.

florentijn hofman

i realize i’ve started a little contemporary art awareness campaign. lol! but i will keep bringing contemporary artists to your attention, hopeful that you will share my tastes.

getting back to florentjn hofman, i first saw pictures of his huge ducks. how can one not smile when facing an enormous duck dwarfing boats and buildings alike?

the rubber duck traveled the world: from syndney to osaka to sao paolo.

florentijn hofmanflorentijn hofman

i also loved the huge yellow rabbit he used to invade a square in orebro, sweden. the world needs more such happy interventions! i see a big plushie straddling the arc de triomphe in paris, a colossal  teddy bear hibernating in tate modern’s turbine hall and even a group of soft jumbo sheep in berlien’s tiergarten. and i could go on…

i believe we love the huge installations because they take us back to our childhood. all his sculptures look like toys, enormous, colourful toys. and we get a little time travel trip to a more carefree, happy time. and we enjoy it as childhood is a time of because i want to and not of because i have to.

florentijn hofman

by repainting an old complex of buildings in rotterdam, netherlands with electric blue, florjn hofman brought it back to the attention of people. who would have thought that a 2 micron layer of paint would have such great impact?

his art brings colour and humour to grey cities.

not all of his art is big and colourful.

but i still like the huge toy-things best!

click here to find out more about his projects and here to see lots of videos.

photo and video credits: florentjn hofman