frank gehry is one of those great minds who will make you think.

here, you have a speech he gave in 1990 for ted, before he was the world-famous artist he is now but also a year after getting the pritzeker prize, and here, 12 years later, a discussion with richard saul wurman, again with ted, about success and failure.

one can see the man and the world-class architect. look out for fish references!

my first gehry moment was in prague, where I saw the dancing building, a collaboration with a czech team of architects. aAfterwards, the fish in barcelona and kobe, the inside the dg bank in berlin, etc. i’m sure there’ll be more to come, as i intend to see his guggenheim and walt disney concert hall and all the others.

last, but not least, a fragmented version of sketches of frank gehry, a documentary by sydney pollack.

i’d say this is an inspiring week-starter! enjoy!

source: ted, youtube, lilaesthete