french cuisse… i can’t remember how i came across it. but i know for certain that it regularly pops up in my reader with another visually clean and appealing offering. and i start drooling, like pavlov’s proverbial dog…

the cook behind this tumblr is william matthew valle, a 20 year old student in restaurant management.

there are only pictures, with the name of the recipe as a short caption . but there are two types of posts. one shows the list of ingredients, in a picture. the other shows the final product, complete.

the ingredient pictures are very well organized. very tidy. minimalist even. i see the influence of the viral ikea cook book by the whimsical carl kleiner.  anyhow, the perfectly aligned items make my inner ocd chef very happy!

the final pictures depict delicious looking dishes. very colourful on white background.

i couldn’t find any recipes. i guess he trusts our cooking instincts to find the right way to the final dish.

among my highlights:

1. have you ever wondered how to deep fry a snickers bar? i admit i haven’t but the final result is mesmerizing: i cannot possibly stop staring.

2. this lemon raspberry sorbet looks so cool. perfect for summer!

3. i would have never guessed the french onion soup has so many ingredients

i found french cuisine but also italian and asian. chilled cucumber soup. fish and chips. steaks. and many, many delicious-looking cakes. lots and lots of inspiring recipes. now i can no longer complain about lack of varied recipes. they’re all here, on french cuisse: staples or exotic dishes! also, i will share the find with all my girl friends who complain about redundant dishes.

beside french cuisse, you can find william valle on instagram, but also here and here as well.

warning: do not browse if you happen to be hungry! enjoy!

photo credits: french cuisse