my friends are most probably my greatest achievements.

my friends

they say you stop making friends when you grow up. they say you are less willing to give. i disagree. i feel like i am now more able and willing to try.

my friend list is continuously changing. there are always people coming and going, because i’m always on the lookout for people i like. sometimes, it all goes easy and naturally. other times, it doesn’t. fortunately, a rocky start is not symptomatic of what happens later.

i used to choose the smart ones. but then i wised up and now i also go for the instinctual, the enlightened, the loving, the open, the insightful and the sensitive. i like reliable over-achievers but i also enjoy the company of careless outcasts. i know i take different things from different people: some are warm, some are super creative, some have charm and others have cool, brilliant energy.

i have always been happy to be the stupidest in the room. what could be better than being inspired and able to learn from the others?

i have old and very old friends, young and very young. i also have lots of animal friends. and i have my ghosts – you may think it’s odd, but honestly, aren’t all our relationships part ghostly?

some of the people i like don’t like me back. and i’m ok with that. i don’t like it, but i don’t spend my nights crying over it either. i can’t advertise for myself and i won’t. after all, who knows what the future holds? some of these fails do turn around. so, hope is never lost!

there’s no controlling our relationships. they are elusive and organic, unpredictable and thus wonderful. they are worth our efforts, they teach us about letting go and about trust.

my friends

there are no rules, my friendships are really a mess of emotions and endless negotiations of limits. but there are also doubts and fears in there, along with the warm feelings and the hugs.

somehow, lately, my friend karma has been amazing. that doesn’t mean that there are no fails. they are just somehow easier to get over now. i’m more patient and i know that there are lessons to be learned both from good and bad episodes.

there are many shared memories that i leaf through mentally. it can be a birthday dinner in the park, a collaboration, traveling together, a party or a game-changing talk over a simple kitchen table. there are pictures and messages and gifts and calls that make us feel better when we’re down or far away.

i feel safe wherever i am, cocooned in the warm, sparkling love of my friends. i hope you do, too.

photo credits: google search