fuck me clothes versus fuck you clothes means that you have two options: you can dress to please others or you can dress to please yourself.

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most people prefer being part of a tribe. it has many advantages besides being safe. and fashion’s ever changing trends are the modern answer to tribe insignia. are you rich? show it off with hermes and chanel. are you alternative? converse and eco brands are there for you. professionals go for suits and shiny shoes. edgy fashionista have rick owens leather jackets and the must haves of the moment.

unfortunately, it goes well beyond your outfit. you should have a certain height, weight and hair length. and the expectations are rather detailed. some of them are the signs of a great consumer: you need the latest and most expensive of what you can afford.

remember! this complicated standard is supposed to present other people with a complex mask of success. if you decide this is the way for you, i have good news: you can actually buy some of that credibility for yourself. and don’t worry: most people will never know there is even a difference between being and appearing to be!

oh, and then there’s the gender stereotype thing: western society expects women to look and act as objects of desire. we must wear skirts and show our body lines in one way or the other. if you’re a woman, the way to relevance is paved with tits and ass. whether you’re a singer or an actress, but even if you’re a politician or a writer, to get people’s attention you need to be sexually attractive and available. unfortunately, things are starting to be the same for men, so…there’s no country for unattractive people. especially if those people are women.

but somewhere apart from all these groups and their uniforms, there is a sparse group of outcasts. they care little about fashion and even less about society’s acceptance. they have their own personal set of organic rules and references.

i have a few random examples and i’m sure you can come up with many more.

artist patti smith, pictured with cosmic sister and antwerp six designer ann demeulemeester

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south korean actor bae jung nam

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dresden dolls singer amanda palmer  fuck me clothes versus fuck you clothes 2

hip hop prince andre 3000

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stylist george cortina

fuck me clothes versus fuck you clothes 5

gender bending artist grayson perry

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punk legend nina hagen

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latex personality pandemonia

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and across the world, there are thousands and thousands more anonymous style geniuses. asia and especially japan, for instance, has a lot of kids that put a lot of energy and skill into their extraordinary outfits.

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we can certainly not all be road openers. on the other hand, most people are really happy to just follow. there’s safety in numbers and in being part of that big club. still, the glory goes to the pioneers walking to the sound of their own drums. isn’t that a form of freedom?

it’s a big topic and i could use your feedback. meet you in the comments!?

photo credits: little aesthete, copyright owners