g-dragon and his friends have bleeped on my radar earlier this year.

g-dragon and his friends

first of all, i will have to excuse myself: i decided to write the post for advanced k-pop shippers since i believe it would have taken too long otherwise. but if you have any questions, i’m here to answer.

he’s the androgynous k-pop king with 10 million insta followers and his friends are other influential soko beautiful people.

initially, the circle was tight and called nuthang. yeah, i know… but they were kids and it was before they were super famous. at least that’s how the legend goes. so nuthang included gd and top and xin and a few other childhood friends.

if you’re new to the whole k-pop thing, here’s my top 3 tracks of his.

below, you have some of the people in gd’s current circles.

soo joo is an ethereal peroxide beauty i already posted about a while ago.

g-dragon and his friends soo-joo-park

xin is the central saint martin-educated former stylist of 2NE1.

g-dragon and his friends xin

cl is the leader of 2NE1, currently struggling to launch her solo career.

bajawoo has a collection called 99percentis.

g-dragon and his friends bajawoo

sang woo kim is a korean model.

g-dragon and his friends sang woo kim

the above mentioned happen to work together quite often. take this feb 2015 vogue japan anna dello russo-styled editorial called techno brigade, for example. it features my favourite gif of all times, among others.

xin soo joo

here you have xin and gd in another editorial, for w korea.

w korea

last but not least, after deleting most of the previous version of this post, i only have one question: if gd and his yg fam friends are the mainstream, is there a soko alternative scene?

photo and video credits: copyright holders