this friday night, nag 5 gives us 83 events in 69 spaces with over 350 artists in bucharest and cluj! last year, i rode my bike between the galleries i chose: it was an eventful, laid back friday night…what else can one ask for?

for all the details, go to the nag website. for cluj, click here (i wouldn’t miss the tiff event/concert, on earth, with electric brother ft. maria popistasu and tavi scurtu).

but i’ll be in bucharest, starting the evening with a neighbourly visit, to see make a point. they have for us a seminar, a workshop for preparing and tasting live foods, film screenings, a green library and leafy installations. sounds cool! i’m going!

then, in no particular order, i will check out the maison de la porcelaine wagner‘s show photophore, in dr. staicovici 19 str. i understand that any purchase will be accompanied by a philips gift. photophore is a collection of irina wagner’s remarkable china turned into lamps/works of art. check that out!

science night at the (ghost) electro-technical museum is a nag event by patrudouazeci. we can check this out at 34 lipova street starting with 7 pm.

the plot on blanari street will have a live grafitti event with seyr doing the plot’s walls on a sound background  by neighbours off the record.

the center for visual introspection has a series of events for the night including a book launch, a toulouse lautrec concert (11 pm) and an event called self publishing in times of freedom and repression.

ebenist maler is a collection of old furniture pieces painted on by interesting new artists, at the atelierul de productie. totally worth a stop!

the best bet of the night is mccann‘s sleep walk at their pop up gallery. it’s certainly where i will end the night. this year’s events include art by aitchsaddo and sinboy and possibly a midnight session of tipsy painting…sounds good!

bicycles are once again rented out for free, as this is definitely the best way to score as many galleries per night as possible. remember to drink moderately, falling off your bike is not as fun as it sounds 😛

you will need a map for smooth riding and the list of the venues/events, as you may want to customize your selection/itinerary. have fun!