gelato is the italian version of ice cream. please notice that the semantics are not the only difference. while there are some confusions, remember this: the recipe is different!


1. due to different ingredient proportions, gelato has a lower fat content. it’s somewhere between 5 and 7%. whereas ice cream tends to have a minimum of 10%.

gelato 1

2. ice cream is churned at a greater speed. consequently, the italian stuff is denser because it doesn’t have so much air whipped in it. the air content of gelato is of about 25 – 30%, while the ice cream can have as much as 50% air.

gelato 2

3. the sugar content differs, too. the gelato contains an approximate of 16-24% while ice cream regularly has 12-16%.

gelato 3

4. if icecream is served frozen, gelato is usually stored and served in a not fully frozen state.

gelato 4

5. last but not least: the flavours are more intense due to the lower fat content. yum!

gelato 6

italy has the widest and most delicious range of flavours. the proportion of 55% hand made as opposed to industrial probably doesn’t hurt either.

gelato 5

now that we clarified all the technical details, let’s concentrate on the essential! we all know a small little artisanal place with the best flavours ever, right? in florence, rome or bologna, every corner has such a wonderful place where we can surprise our taste buds with some unbelievable flavour.

i love after eight and dark chocolate. but how can one ever decide when facing the insane offer of most gelaterias? sour cherries? yes, please! creme brulee? why not? strawberries? forget lunch!

click here for a glossary of flavours. here on how to order properly. and here for more related tips.

disclaimer: my entire post is about italy. i don’t believe in sushi outside of japan. the same applies here. plan your italian getaways with daily portions of deliciousness. i certainly do!

photo credits: google search