genova in 50 pictures is the glimpses i caught of this very cool city during my few days there. i was certainly surprised by this place!

genova in 50 pictures

this is a pic from the road between torino and genova, before we went on the highway.

genova in 50 pictures 1

this is our first view of the city, after the suspended road took us all the way into the heart of the city via the unexpected underground structures. the city’s placement allowed and needed a hidden utilitarian subterranean city. the road lead us straight into it and i was surprised to find myself in a hidden utilitarian sci-fi kind of place, just crisscrossing lanes and orderly parking floors. all that grey in complete contrast with the picturesque italian scenery above ground.

genova in 50 pictures 2genova in 50 pictures 3

this is piazza de ferrari, with the stock exchange, if i’m not mistaken.

genova in 50 pictures 4

our airbnb was located in the very central and definitely non gentrified area of molo.

genova in 50 pictures 5genova in 50 pictures 6

this is the amazing bocadasse, a former fishing district at the edge of the city. as soon as we arrived in genova, we took our bathing suits and jumped on a bus that took us there. that was even before knowing how much i was going to like it.

the pebble beach was tiny, the cool sea water was wonderful and the atmosphere was chilled. everything was so perfect that we came back 3 times in 2 days.

and what’s worst is that i later discovered in my inbox a message from a facebook friend who had moved exactly there! he sent me his videos and we bonded a little over our shared love. click to check out the special beauty of this place in various special times: lightning, religious celebration and storm.

genova in 50 pictures 7genova in 50 pictures 8genova in 50 pictures 9

back in town, we started exploring.

since genova is set on such a steep slope, there are several elevators for people to use. they are part of the public transport so you can use the normal tickets.

you must get on these elevators: you can see for yourselves how good the views are!


i implemented the same plan as in the other places: no plan whatsoever. we just wandered around, going wherever it looked more interesting. i find this is the best approach especially when the time is short. we were not sorry: the city is beautiful all over!


this is the cattedrale di san lorenzo, in the old city.


on the first day, golden hour caught us in the neighbourhood of the genova piazza principe train station. we were looking for the bus to take us back to bocadasse, for aperitivo. 


aperitivo is an italian thing. between 7 and 9, you pay for the drinks and you get the finger food for free. in theory, this is a pre-dinner thing. in practice, this was totally dinner.  i loved the concept!


i fell in love with genova. i’m planning to see michael winterbottom’s a summer in genoa again. and i am certain i will go back one day.

stay tuned: a lot more ligurian sea pics coming!

photo credits: little aesthete